Rocks & Minerals Test Kit

Rocks & Minerals Test Kit with Mohs Hardness Scale Set contains 10 Minerals for Testing the Streak Test, Magnetism Test & Acid Reaction Test. This Collection contains 10 Minerals represents the scale of Hardness Talc (H=1), Gypsum (H=2), Calcite (H=3), Fluorite (H=4), Apatite (H=5), Orthoclase (H=6), Quartz (H=7), Topaz (H=8) & Corundum (H=9) & 10 Mineral Magnetite for Magnetism Test.

In this Kit The Accessories & Tools is Knife, Iron Plate, Streak Plate, Glass Plate, Copper Plate, Iron Plate, Garnet Board, Magnet, Hand Lens, Acid Drop Bottle (Empty) & Instruction Manual for Doing These Test.

Cat No. VARIANTS Size Images
RMMHKIT Multi Color Box 8"x6"
RMMHWB Wooden Box Polished 9"x7" Multi Color Box
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